Last Man Standing

Round 7 is underway

The games are:

1. Tyrone vs Monaghan

2. Donegal vs Mayo

3. Kilkenny vs Waterford

Rules are slightly different since it is down to the final 3. Contestants will pick 3 teams in order of preference. If their 1st choice is successful they will move onto their 2nd choice. If more than one contestant is successful in their first two choices they will move on to their third choice. Essentially it is like having 3 rounds in one week. 

Choices are made in order of your preference.

Round 6 roundup

The games were: 

Tyrone (-7.5) v Sligo (+7.5)

Fermanagh (+13.5) v Dublin

Kerry (-5.5) v Kildare

Donegal (-2.5) v Galway

Only 5 people remained at this stage. Donal Keohane was let down by Tyrone, Ryan Price was let down by Dublin. Liam Hazel, Shane Crowley Jnr and Sean Kelly all went for Donegal. 

Round 5 roundup.

The games were be:

1. Cork (-2.5) vs Kildare (+2.5)   (Saturday 7pm)

2. Waterford vs Dublin           

3. Cork vs Galway

There were 15 left in the competition at this stage. Cork were heavily backed and were the main reason for most eliminations. Cork hurlers let a few people down too. 15 becomes 5! 

Round 5 is now complete.

This weeks games will be:

1. Cork (+1.5) vs Kerry    (Saturday 7pm)

2. Monaghan (+2.5) vs Donegal (-2.5)           

3. Sligo (+7.5) vs Mayo (-7.5)

Handicaps on all games. Failure to respond will result on an automatic selection of Cork (1st in alphabetical order.)

The remaining contestants are: 

Conor Lucey, 
Darren mcsweeney
Donal Keohane
Donal Og
eliza Mccarthy
Geraldine O'Hare
James collins
Jaz fitz
John o'connor
Laura Coughlan
Liam Hazel Junior
Maria O'Connor
Mark Collins
Miheala Davis
Niall Fitzgerald
Noel Collins
Padraig Harrington
Paudie O'Donovan (physio)
Rob McCarthy 
Ryan Price 
Sean Kelly
Shane Burns
Shane carthy
Shane crowley jnr
Shane Hurley
Teddy Twohig
Tom Walsh

Round 4 round up

35 contestants became 27. Things are getting serious. Out of the 27 survivors 24  went for Tipperary. Please make an effort not to leave replying to the last minute. Texts will not be accepted after throw in in the first game. Two games this week. 

Clare vs Cork (hurling)         Saturday evening game       Cork Sucessfull

Tipperary vs Waterford (hurling)        Tipp Sucessfull

Round 3 round up.

Of the 98 contestants in round 3 only 35 survived. Kerry was the most popular choice by far. Cork footballers were only tipped by one person but those who did not respond were automatically entered as Cork footballers and are now eliminated. Nobody selected Wexford.

Two games this week. 

Kerry vs Cork (football) No team sucessfull

Wexford vs Cork (hurling)         Cork sucessfull

I have not received my text. What do I do?

If you have not received your text by Wednesday text 0834683083 with your NAME and the words CONFIRM NUMBER and another text will be issued.

Round 2 round up.

Last week saw Donegal fail to beat the handicap and Dublin smash it. Donegal were selected by over half of the contestants which are now eliminated. Kildare also had a few backers. Dublin were the second most popular selection while Derry were selected by only 4. There were a number of people who did not respond to the text and as per the rules were automatically selected as the first team in alphabetical order which in this case was Derry. The number of remaining contestants is 98. 

Dublin (-11.5) vs Kildare (football)  Dublin successful

Donegal (-3.5) vs Derry (football)   Kildare successful

How does the handicap work?

The handicaps are designed to make matches more even when there is an overwhelming favourite. Take a look at the examples below:

In the Dublin vs Kildare game if Dublin are to be successful they will have to win by 12 points or more. If Dublin do not win by 12 points or more then Kildare are successful.

In the Donegal vs Derry game Donegal will have to win by 4 points or more to be successful. If Donegal do not win by 4 points or more then Derry are successful.

I have not received my text. What do I do?

If you have not received your text by Wednesday text 0834683083 with your NAME and the words CONFIRM NUMBER and another text will be issued.

Round 1 round up.

Round 1 was a fairly easy round with Kilkenny accounting for the overwhelming majority of selections and they ran out easy winners. 5 contestants chose Limerick and are now eliminated from the competition. There were a number of people who did not make a selection and as per the rules they were given the first team in alphabetical order which was Kilkenny.

How does it work?

  • Each week a text will be sent to contestants with the selected games for that weekend.
  • You are to pick ONE team from any one of the selected games that you believe will win. If your team wins you will continue in the competition. If your team does not win you will be eliminated.
  • This will continue until there is only one contestant remaining to take the jackpot of €500.
  • Each week is independent. If you pick a team early in the competition you will still be able to pick the same team in later weekends. Take a look at the example scenario below.



This weekend’s games will be:

Kilkenny v Wexford (hurling)
Limerick v Tipperary (hurling)

You are to pick ONE team that you think will win. It doesn't matter which match – your choice will be just ONE team.

For example I might choose Limerick to beat Tipperary this weekend. If Limerick win, I go through to next weekend. (Unlike some soccer last man standing competitions I will be allowed to pick Limerick again in the future if I want to.)

Notes on the Rules

The games chosen each week will be at the discretion of the organisers. (Normally  televised games)

If a team is not chosen by a contestant their choice will automatically be entered in as the first team in alphabetical order.

As the competition progresses handicaps may be introduced. 

The competition will be run by receiving and responding to text messages (unless email is a stated preference)


The first weekend of the competition is the weekend of the 21st of June. Entries should be in before the 18th of June.

 The jackpot will be €500. The cost of entry is €10. This is great value considering the interaction and enjoyment you will get from it.


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